History of AIMS

Abaseen Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) is welfare, non-governmental organization duly registered by the social welfare department KPK Vide# DSW/NWFP. In 1995, a group of doctors organized to fight NCDs in Pakistan, while concurrently pursuing postgraduate qualifications in the UK. They established a small clinic in Peshawar to aide poor patients with diabetes. They continued their struggle for over a decade in that small clinic. It was not until 24th March 2004 that the organization was formally registered with the Social Welfare Department. The aim of the organization was to pool up capacities and resources for healthcare development in KPK and Pakistan with the help of the public as well as private sector.

As per its charter, it is involved in healthcare activities and has been carrying out multifarious work in this regard. It mainly focuses on diabetes care and is actively pursuing this cause. Running OPD and community clinics for patients with Diabetes from the low income group, raising health awareness of the public regarding various diseases, pursuing public-private partnerships for optimizing the use of available government facilities and capacity building of youth are its other areas of interest.

AIMS Pakistan is the only charity organization that has conducted Diabetes Camps in all tehsils of KPK, resulting in help and awareness among thousands of people. The camps are organized at the same location every month for a period of twelve months, with the help of local communities. This allows optimum support to patients with diabetes in rural areas of KPK.

All the aforesaid activities are undertaken on a self-funding basis. AIMS liaise closely with other government departments to seek their technical and financial help to achieve its objectives. AIMS founding directors play a pivotal role in this regard and they have been supplementing its activities in a major way. Local donors as well as nominal fees from patients form a major part of it’s funding.

AIMS is actively involved with Diabetes Association KPK since 2004 and has been helping it in a major way by running community clinics and also holding other professional seminars. Under an agreement with Diabetes Association KPK, AIMS-PK is running an OPD clinic for patients with Diabetes. The said clinic is located in the ground floor of the Diabetes Association building in Phase 5, Hayatabad-Peshawar. The building also serves as a center point for all AIMS activities


  1. Provide high quality medical treatment and develop curative strategies for those who cannot afford treatment of Diabetes and other NCDs
  2. Integrate medical research, training and education for professionals
  3. Implement community health awareness, disease prevention strategies, advocacy campaigns for diabetes & NCDs and improve access to care