About AIMS

Abaseen Institute of Medical Sciences - AIMS, is a non-profit organization registered with the KP Social Welfare Department. It was the idea of a young group of Pakistani trainee doctors who organized to combat non-communicable diseases (NCD) in their country.


The red crescent moon signifies healthcare, while the three waves signify the Indus River that flows from the glaciers in some of the world’s highest peaks in North of Pakistan right down through the plains of Punjab and the deserts of Sindh into the Arabian Sea. This river is known as “Abaseen” in Pushto, the language spoken in the Northern regions of Pakistan, namely KPK. ‘Abaseen’ means ‘Father of all rivers’. The three waves represent the main objectives of AIMS:
  • hospital-based patient care
  • education & research
  • community-based healthcare
The hump in each wave represents the mountainous regions of the North as well as the challenges in achieving our objectives.

Finally the logo is open - there are no borders around the logo which symbolises free access to anyone, anywhere.
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